A most important aspect of growing up, is recognizing and learning  tp be socially responsible!  Students, our most valuable resource, and our hope for the future, should learn how to become "people" persons!  We don't live alone.  We must get along with those around us.  They should understand the value and importance of cooperation.

It takes much growing and becoming wise,

As well as caring and sharing, and doing what's right,

Wanting to make a difference, by showing some heart,

You're showing what love can do, and it's just a start!


George R. Kirkpatrick had it right, when he said, "Nature gave man two ends, one to sit on, and one to think with.  Ever since then, man's success or failure has been dependent on the one he used the most!"

God gave us the power to think,

Poor thinking is a heck of a waste,

Good thinking can help in so many ways,

Think wisely, do nothing in haste!


Patience is something most everyone can identify with , as a problem!  And the biggest part involves all the waiting,  And waiting is hard unless you know how to do it!  Patience takes positive thinking, a lot of faith in what's good, and a mature attitude!

Patience is a virtue, or so we've heard it said,

It usually requires waiting, for what there is ahead,

In the meantime, we can learn, and toil, and strive,

So we're ready, willing, and able, when the answer does arrive!




Mission statements – We, at Skookum Books, want to offer good character-building material.  Our children want  to please, but often need a little direction. showing a good pathway to follow, and all the rewards and satisfaction that accompany good choices!  Betty Lou Rogers uses the language of imagination as she poetically states  the case for preteens and teens to become responsible and selective in their choices and decisions!

Company policies – We want to fulfill your order immediately and wish to know if you want the study sheet for the book

Executive profiles  Betty Lou Rogers is a wife, mother, grandmother, and greatgrandmother ,retired elementary school teacher, who likes to sew, garden, crafts, and a retired tennis player!

Stephen Rogers, her middle son, is the brains and braun behind Skookum Books.  Without his skills, we would not be here!

Together, we want to  reacquaint our young people with ideals associated with righteous living!  We wish to change, corruptness to caring, careless to caution, evil to ethics, rotting to growing, tainted to unspoiled, contaminated to clean, uncaring to considerate, and negligent to responsible!


Love is so amazing, and also sublime,

It endures and strengthens, just give it some time,

It soothes, it heals, it comforts and grows,

Love thrills and  fulfills, much more than you know!

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