How We Got Started

Our world was created with goodness in mind.   To see all the  dishonesty, lying, unfairness, we wanted to guide our readers toward goodness, fairness, honesty and truth.  One thread runs through our books.  The vine means everything we do, say, or think is connected.  All these things lead to happiness or destruction.  We want to be a part of building strong, honorable lives. because damaging our world and living carelessly, is to dishonor God.  We can be a wall or a door. A wall is mighty and strong.  It can stop anything from coming through.  A door makes no choices.  Anything can go through.  With a little twisting and turning, and altering in some way, anything can make its way through a door.  A door has no values or standards to meet.  We were created to help each other out, to love our country, and care for our fellowman.  And God is waiting for us to begin!  Our world is going through trying times.  We need smart people to guide and direct our ways.  Our future depends on how we prepare our youth.  Do we want them to be truthful, honest, and honorable people?  Skookum Books leads the way in building character, by pointing out hazards and developing God-given talents for the good of us all, and our country!