So You Think We Shouldn't Have Dropped "The Bomb"?


This writing takes you back to the 1930’s leading up to World War II.  A country girl, growing up in a small Ohio village, remembers what life was like and the kind of living that produced so many brave souls to save our world from hate, greed, bigotry, and inconceivable evil!  The attitude of the population was so very unselfish, and patriotism was evident from the tiny kitchen of a widow saving and donating her bacon grease, to the brave young men giving up their own lives to crush the evil that was set out to dominate the world!  When our country unites to preserve goodness and justice there is no end to the possibilities of our successes.  The attempts of the Nazis and Japanese to rule people into submission, through self-doubt, torture, threats, and hatred of civil rights, was a world-wide abomination which had to be stopped.  We did it.